Monday, March 25, 2013

Hoop Art

Living in the country, I have a soft spot in my heart lately for hoop art and needlepoint wall hangings. My grandmother, all her sisters, and my mother (Mister's mother too) all quilt and I have a real appreciation for folk art of all kinds.

These little suckers are perfect for a lonely corner on a bookshelf, in an entryway as a cozy "welcome!" or if you are looking for a little nugget to complete a gallery wall or hallway.

I found both artsy and kitschy in my survey of Etsy's hoop art, and these are the highlights!

I'd encourage you to visit the rest of these shops as well. Many are filled with other adorable fiber art or stitched goodies. And congratulations for defeating another Monday!


  1. So happy to be featured in such a great collection of embroidery artists! Thank you!

  2. Wow!! You've selected some pretty amazing pieces here - So inspirational and I love it! Thanks for including my "Balls" ;)

  3. Thanks, what an honor! Cool collection...nice picks...lil' troublemaker agrees as well:)

  4. Thanks for including my Sign Language hoop! I'm honored to be included with these fantastic hoop artists :)

  5. You all are very talented and I was happy to have so many great pieces to choose from!

  6. that grumpy cat is amazing!
    thank you for including my hoop in such great company!